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Top Ten Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Us

  1. In business since 1985
  2. 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty
  3. ASE Certified Master Techs
  4. Open Saturdays
  5. OEM Equipment
  6. Free Loaner Cars countywide
  7. Free shuttle
  8. Free used car inspections
  9. Free tire repairs
  10. Free hand car wash
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Auto Air Conditioning Repair Huntington Beach
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Auto Radiator Repair Huntington Beach
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Dodge Repair Huntington Beach
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Acura Repair Huntington Beach
Auto Brake Repair Huntington Beach
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Automobile Radiator Repair Huntington Beach
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Dodge Repair Huntington Beach
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Honda Repair Huntington Beach
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Honda Brakes Irvine
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Francisco's Auto Repair
7662 Slater Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 375-2661
(714) 375-2662

Hours Of Operation:
6:30AM - 6:00PM
Monday - Friday
Saturday By Appointment

We serve the communities of:
Huntington Beach
Fountain Valley
Costa Mesa
Seal Beach
Newport Beach
& Surrounding areas.
Friday, April 18, 2014

Huntington Beach Auto Repair

Francisco's Automotive of Huntington Beach

Located in Huntington Beach, Francisco's Auto Repair has been servicing and repairing automobiles since the mid 1980’s. There have been several location changes due to the growth of the business but we have remained within Huntington Beach continuously. Our customers from Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Westminster, Irvine and surrounding areas enjoy out central location. Our current location at 7662 Slater Ave in Huntington Beach is convenient and easy to find. Our fleet accounts rely on quick and efficient auto repair as their business depends on it.

3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty on All Auto Repairs

We offer a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on our auto repairs for our loyal customers who get all their repair and service work done with us. For new customers, a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty is given.

Auto Repair for Huntington Beach

Our latest move in Huntington Beach was due to the need of additional parking and increased bay areas. We now have parking for over 40 automobiles and 10 service bays for auto repair and service needs. Our hours of operation are now from 6:30 am to 6pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday by appointment for your automobile needs. Our techs begin at 7am performing diagnostics and car repairs. Customers waiting for an early morning lube and oil service can always enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning paper.

We always wish to perform a test drive with the customer where and when possible to experience customer automotive complaints. This always aids in quicker automotive diagnosis and car repair. The extra 5 minutes can save a lot of time and get the auto repair performed quicker. Test-drives after all service and car repairs are always done to verify the auto repair and check for any further possible automotive faults.


Our nine technicians give full attention to your automobiles' service and auto repair needs. Local training here in Huntington Beach at Golden West College and online  automotive classes keeps our techs up to date on automotive technology. Utilizing our check out and safety inspection sheets, there is always an in-depth inspection performed on your automobile for any necessary and needed car repairs.


As a member of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, Francisco's Auto Repair strives to have a strong community involvement. He attends meetings in both Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley  to help educate members to what is happening in the automotive industry. Francisco sponsors Huntington Beach youth sports teams and attends fundraisers to help where possible. Giving back to the community has been very fulfilling, a joy and not a chore.


Having your automobile involved in an auto accident is aggravating and stressful. Our customers rely on us to aid them in the repair of their car, truck or van after an accident. Having their automobile towed to us here in Huntington Beach, we are able perform a full inspection of mechanical work necessary and have a recommended body shop perform an initial inspection. Thus working together with the body shop, a complete auto repair is assured. There are automotive repair questions that come up after an accident and we are here to help you get straight answers to all of them. We fight to get the car repair done to your and our satisfaction as our reputation depends on it. We check and inspect areas you cannot see for your assurance of a total auto repair.

Please feel free to call us with any and all of your auto repair questions from a pre-purchase inspection, to an initial quote, to how to best deal with and automotive insurance repair we can help you. The phone call is free and it only takes a few minutes. If you are local to Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, or any surrounding Orange County city,  stop in any time during business hours. You will be glad you did. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


The Local HB ASE Certified Master Techs - Blue Seal of Excellence