Auto Electric Repair Orange County

FranciscosAutomotiveFordRepairFor an expert in auto electrical repair near Orange County CA call the team of Francisco’s Auto Repair at 714-375-2661. Since our family owned and operated shop opened its doors in 1985 we have prided ourselves on complex repair services done right the first time. You are dealing with a local friendly auto repair mechanic who remembers your vehicle and name. As a dealership alternative we provide you with complete customer satisfaction through an industry leading 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty. Today’s electrical systems are getting more intricate and stressing the limits of current technology. You should have ASE Master Certified Technicians check the system every few years and make sure like ours they specialize in drivability problems. Call us Monday through Saturday with any questions at 714-375-2661 or stop in!

A complete and thorough test involves more than sticking a voltage meter on the battery. Whether it is your alternator or starter we have the voltage testers and equipment to diagnose the problem quickly and easily. With Rapid transit not easily assessable in the OC, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in optimal operating condition. By being diligent in the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedules you can help avoid air conditioning repair. We offer courtesy shuttle service throughout the 92626, 92627, 92628, 92609, 92610, or 92630 areas and many more. To schedule a fast service with a team that has over 200 years combined experience in all Domestic, Japanese and many European vehicles call us at 714-375-2661.

Automotive Electric Repair Service Orange County

automotive-repair-huntington-beach-coupon-franciscos-auto-repairFrancisco’s Auto Repair specializes in automotive electric repair service in Orange County CA call us today for a free evaluation at 714-375-2661. Auto electrical problems go far beyond air conditioning repair. It could involve your starter, alternator and even your battery. Many problems with day-to-day drivability can be traced back to the electrical system. It is best to bring your vehicle into an expert, as the average do-it-yourselfer will not have the necessary critical test equipment. This system like all components in you automobile should be thoroughly checked when you bring your auto in for maintenance.

When you get in your car and the AC won’t turn on or the radio works intermittently don’t panic. You may net need air conditioning repair or a new radio, as it could be the battery connections. With the average commute time in Orange County being over 26 minutes you want to make sure that your car, truck, SUV or hybrid is in optimal operating condition. We are open 6 days a week and provide free shuttle throughout the OC including as far as 92675, 92690, 92691, 92692 and 92694. Call today to schedule a convenient appointment at 714-375-2661.