Keeping Cool this Summer

Keeping Cool this Summer

Summertime is here and it’s getting hot. Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Seal Beach might only be 90-degrees, but it seems like 100 degrees for us. Irvine, Westminster, Garden Grove, and some of the inner cities can get to 100 -110 degrees. If you go to the desert, it can get up to 120 degrees. Around here, your air conditioning might seem ok, on a hot day it might not seem that bad.


4 Ways to Save Gas

4 Ways to Save Gas
The price of gas is creeping up again and if you’re anything like me, every mile matters. For example, let’s say your car gets 20 miles per gallon, and if you can get an extra 2 miles per Gallon, that a 10% increase. For every […]

400,000 miles out of your transmission

How to get 400,000 miles out of your transmission 
         I have a customer named Michael that gets an average of 400,000 miles out of his last 3 vehicles. He never replaces a water pump, radiator, never had an oil leak, he never even replaced a coolant […]

Avoid cooling system damage

Preventing cooling system damage
Summertime coming up and today I’m going to talk to you about preventing cooling system damage. According to the auto club, your cooling system (water pump, radiator, heater hoses) which can put you on the side of the road more than anything else combined such as […]

Get a Tune Up

Much like the human body, your car requires annual checkups and preventative maintenance to ensure a long and productive life. Routine maintenance can help catch, correct and prevent serious problems. If you wait until a problem arises, it may be too late. One of the most important steps in preventative maintenance is getting routine Tune-Ups. […]