4 Ways to Save Gas

The price of gas is creeping up again and if you’re anything like me, every mile matters. For example, let’s say your car gets 20 miles per gallon, and if you can get an extra 2 miles per Gallon, that a 10% increase. For every $10 you spend, you get an extra dollar. Every $100, you get an extra $10 and so on. This is very simple to do if you follow these steps.


Tire Pressure

According to the Auto Club, you can lose 1-2 miles per gallon by having low tire pressure and a dirty air filter. Tire pressure is not only important for gas mileage but is also very important for preventing tire wear. If you don’t have the proper tire pressure, you can lose 25%-50% of life from the tire. Imagine how much money you are wasting! Keeping those tires properly inflated can save you not only gas mileage but can also save you money on tires.

Another reason why fuel efficiency is a problem is that of excess weight, and I’m not talking about your mother in law. I’m talking about those golf clubs you use once a month, a trunk full of books, etc. Frankly, any unnecessary items you’re leaving in your car, get rid of it. Plain and simple!


For Huntington Beach residents ( Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley as well), potholes are a problem which can cause your vehicle to come out of alignment. This might not seem like it can affect your gas mileage, but believe it or not, it can affect it gradually. Also, it will wear out your tires quicker. In another segment, I will talk about how to buy tires.

Air Filters

Now let’s talk about air filters. When you replace your air filter, it allows your car to breathe which makes your car more fuel efficient. Some cars like Ford, Toyota, and GM have what’s called a Mass Air Flow Sensor, which detects air coming out of your engine. The sensor tells you whether you’re at sea level, or at 10,000 feet of elevation by measuring the air flow into your engine. If you do not replace your air filter regularly, it can cost you in the long run. A filter can be easily replaced. However, cheap filters release lint which can stick on the mass air flow sensor causing the sensor to give a false reading. That can decrease your gas mileage by more than one way. I recommend purchasing a factory air filter. There’s a reason why some filters cost $5, you are not saving money by purchasing a cheap air filter. In the long run, it’s costing you a lot more money.

Time Management

Every morning I take the same route to work. There’s a light that I approach that no matter what I do, it’s going to be a red light when I get there. I will never arrive at the light when it’s green. As I pass the stop light before it, I begin to take my foot off the gas. As I’m slowing down, I see the same person racing by me to the red light stomping on his brakes as I roll to the line. sometimes I arrive at the light and I’m still rolling when the light turns green, but I’m using less gas and fewer brakes. The compound effect starts to take place as everything adds up, not only are you saving on gas, you are also saving on brakes and tires! How much money can you save?

For those of you who know who Andy Rooney was, on his show he once said, “ Plan your day.” Layout the route you’re going to take. For example, on Mother’s Day, I went to the supermarket, the flower shop, and the pet store,( keep in mind they’re all in in the same lot) on three separate occasions because I did not plan properly. With all these tips you will not only be saving gas and increase your gas mileage. You will lengthen the life of your tires saving you even more money. Just imagine how much extra time you save! Follow us on Facebook and post your questions on our page. I will comment back in a timely manner.