How to get 400,000 miles out of your transmission 


         I have a customer named Michael that gets an average of 400,000 miles out of his last 3 vehicles. He never replaces a water pump, radiator, never had an oil leak, he never even replaced a coolant hose. His secret? He changes his fluids regularly ( coolant, brake flush, rear differential oil, power steering fluid, etc.). Now, let’s talk about the transmission fluid, it begins to break down at 30,000 – 40,000 miles no matter what kind of car you have. Volkswagen had a lifetime transmission oil which definitely lasted the lifetime of the transmission, but its life was shortened tremendously.

The fluid breaks down and becomes abrasive. Instead of lubricating, it starts cutting into seals which leads to internal bypasses causing lack of lubrication because the fluid is not getting to where it belongs. According to the Auto Club, once you service the transmission that is in need, you can lower the temperature 40- 50 degrees which prevents an early death. For more tips about extending the life of your vehicle check out this article on maintenance.

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