FranciscosAutomotiveFordRepair Fuel mileage – To get the best fuel mileage be sure you are taking care of regular maintenance. A clean air filter and properly inflated tires play the biggest role in fuel mileage. A low tire or tires increases friction and drag to the vehicle requiring additional power and fuel for the same speed desired. A dirty air filter chokes off the needed air to the engine not allowing easy engine breathing. A check engine light many times will indicate a problem that may affect fuel mileage. Have the check engine light diagnosed as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light – Do not waste your time trying to get your vehicle smogged if the check engine light is on. The light indicates an emissions failure and an immediate failure during the emissions testing. Some smog stations will give a free retest some give no break at all. Save your money and get the check engine light repaired first. If the check engine light is flashing, slow down and drive easy. A catalytic damaging misfire is occurring which must be fixed immediately or the catalytic converter will be permanently damaged. Converters are not cheap and fuel is being wasted.

Air conditioning service – Owners manuals have no service interval for the automotive air conditioning system. It is a known fact that an AC system that is even 10% low will not carry the needed lubrication oil to the ac compressor. As refrigerant leaks out over time so does the lubricating oil. R134a systems are more prone to problems and should be serviced yearly to avoid any big repair bills.

Tire Inspection and Rotation – Periodically inspect the vehicles front tires for unusual wear patterns. Cupping, scuffing, flat spots, inside or outside wear all indicate a possible front end or alignment problem. Tire replacement is expensive so keep the tires rotated regularly and inspected on a routine basis. Tire rotation and inspection can increase the life of the tires and pay for itself. At Francisco’s Auto Repair we rotate tires where possible with every lube and oil service.

Detailing – How long we keep our vehicles and what their value is greatly determined by the overall condition. Regular washing and waxing the exterior and vacuuming and cleaning the upholstery and carpets helps keep wear to a minimum. With all the smog, dirt, birds, etc it is really necessary to have a detail done to get damaging contaminants off of the paint and protected with a quality sealer/wax. Faded paint, rusty chrome, clear coat damage can be avoided with routine maintenance.