With gas prices always on the rise, fuel efficiency is extremely important. Keeping your engine clean is the best way to increase your miles per gallon, boost horsepower and repair some performance issues. By getting a Fuel Injection Cleaning, you reduce the risk of engine buildup and lengthen the life of your vehicle.

Although not mentioned in most operators’ manuals, Fuel Injection Cleaning is quickly becoming an integral part of preventative maintenance. Internal combustion engines, like the one in your car, build up carbon deposits in the intake manifold, backs of the intake valves and the fuel injectors. Short trips of less than 15 minutes cause the majority of fuel injection system buildup. Gas qualities vary and lower quality fuel, while cheaper, can cause sediment to bog down your engine. Many cheaper fuels no longer contain the engine cleaning detergents they once did, in an effort for distributors to save money. This causes a higher amount of sediment and dirt to cling to your fuel injector system. Fuel injectors spray fuel through a very small nozzle, roughly the size of a pinhole. As this nozzle gets dirty, it will reduce the spray of fuel and air mixture getting to the engine. This leads to poor acceleration, lower gas mileage and sluggish engine performance. By getting your fuel injection system cleaned you can flush out the buildup and keep your fuel to air ratio at its peak.

Since the fuel injection system is so intricate it is suggested only a professional mechanic perform a fuel injector cleaning service. During the fuel injection cleaning service, professionals will check your pressure regulator, fuel pump pressure and volume, the fuel rail (the pipe in which fuel travels from your fuel pump to the injector) and the fuel injector screen. They will make sure all of these parts are functioning correctly and clean of debris. All of these parts are flushed and cleaned while remaining in the engine. By keeping the fuel injection system intact, it greatly reduces the time needed for labor. It is recommended you have your fuel injector system cleaned once a year or every 25,000 miles.

By adding a fuel injection cleaning service to your routine maintenance, you will reduce engine buildup, increase fuel efficiency and lengthen the life of your car. Making sure your fuel system is clean cuts carbon emissions and can help reduce exhaust fumes. It takes a blockage of only 10% to cause an engine misfire, so avoid engine problems by having the fuel injection system regularly and thoroughly cleaned.